Apple Mail to PST tool, How did Mail Extractor Pro become the best!

Apple Mail to PST Tool aka Mail Extractor Pro can convert Apple Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, Postbox, EML and MBOX to PST file format.

Mike Beck
3 min readMay 11, 2021

With immense competition at hand, every other creator of the tool tries to bring forth a unique product for gaining brownie points. While some fade away due to inadaptability, others firmly hold the grounds for the long haul. One such tool is USL Software’s Mail Extractor Pro which is the most demanded tool in the market today.

The Best Apple Mail to PST Tool

Mail Extractor Pro has been able to create and maintain its space in the market as it has touched the delicate needs of the users pertaining to the Apple mail to PST conversion task.

apple mail to pst tool

Here is a sneak peak at what we actually mean to imply:

User friendly tool:

Since most of the users are novices in the field, this tool makes its mark by providing an interface that is instantly understood by the users. It is simple and quick to work with. There is also an inclusion of round the clock customer care services.


The safety of the files remains fully assured with this offline mode tool. It is bug-free and thus free from all sorts of threats that cause problems like data loss, data corruption, etc.

Automated upload of data files:

The users do not have to get involved in the arduous task of archiving the data files beforehand. This tool overtakes that aspect by automatically extracting the data files from the default directories of the email client. Thus, the users end up saving a lot of time and energy on the same.

Converts everything:

The users need not be worried about the preservation of the integrity of the data files. This tool is able to convert every bit of information on the files with its dedicated logics and algorithms. This means that items like contacts, calendars, notes, attachments, nested messages, etc., are all recreated with precision. It also maintains the folder hierarchy structure of the data files.

Nominal pricing structure:

Another aspect that bothers the users in the Apple mail to PST conversion process is the cost involved. This tool comes in flexible license keys all of which are highly affordable. These come with lifetime access and free maintenance updates.

Thus, there is no aspect that is left untouched by this tool. Every user finds what they are looking for which makes this tool the perfect choice for the end users.

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Apple mail to PST tool with immensely powerful technology!

Mail Extractor Pro is packed with powerful features that allow it to create final files that are absolute replicas of the data files. This tool is safe, sturdy, fast, and proficient. Its picturesque features are the highlight of using this tool.

If you wish to have a smooth experience in converting the Apple mail to PST files then its FREE demo version is all you need. This version allows the users to convert 10 items per folder. The remaining features of the tool can be fully accessed.

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